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Bag of Chips, Google Privacy, Faster, Safer & More

Data Doctors Radio Program | Ken Colburn, Brandon Disney & Ken Moskowitz There's been buzz for months, now we finally get a look at the new Windows 8. Is it all that and a bag of chips?

Google changed their privacy policy and everyone is freaked, but why? We dig in to the myths and realities of these changes.

Also, what's the best browser to use? Everyone wants faster, but what about safer. The right answer may already be on your computer.

Plus, you have a great smartphone, a shiny new tablet, but what's the best way to sync your pics?

Listen, Laugh & Learn, with Ken, Brandon & Spanky.

Join us every Weekend as we discuss your computer questions. It's the Tech Show for Non-Tech People! You can post questions on Facebook .

Original Air Date: Mar 3, 2012

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