Data Doctors - Providing Computer Network Support since 1988

Data Doctors - Providing Computer Network Support since 1988

If you have more than one computer in your home or office, there's a good chance that you'd like them to "talk" to each other. When computers are connected through a network, they can share resources, exchange files and allow for electronic communication. There are many ways computers can be linked on a network--through cables, telephone lines, radio waves, infrared beams and satellite.

Linking computers via a network has many advantages for business owners and computer users. It offers improved speed, enhanced security and workgroup efficiency. It also reduces operational costs, by allowing employees to share resources such as printers and other peripheral devices. However, Networking computers can also have its disadvantages as well; networked computers are more complex, and when something goes wrong on one computer, it can affect the entire network.

Many large corporations are aware of what kind of maintenance computer networks need, and thus have a full-time administrative staff on hand to provide support. Smaller businesses and homeowners, however, usually do not have the luxury of hiring a full-time IT team. Fortunately, Data Doctors can act as your IT team--providing installation, repairs and maintenance for networks of any size.

At Data Doctors, we pride ourselves on offering an unparalleled level of customer service. Unlike some other computer network support services, we won't simply fix your problems and leave. Instead, we'll take the time to examine every aspect of your network. Then we'll work with you and your employees to make sure your entire network is running smoothly and at the highest level of performance.

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