Data Doctors - We solve tough Computer Problems

Data Doctors - We solve tough Computer Problems

When people experience computer problems, one of their first instincts is usually to try punching in different key combinations, hoping to unlock a "secret restore code." If you've ever tried this, you probably already know that it doesn't work. The first thing you should actually do with your computer is shut it down (normally, if possible). Don't simply use the "restart" option. Instead, let the computer completely power down.

Once your computer has powered down, unplug it from the wall entirely for about 30 seconds. Then plug it back into the outlet and power it up. In many cases, your computer will start acting "normally" again. However, if this doesn't work, remember that there is still no secret code that will unlock it, and punching random codes will not only not solve the problem, it very well may make it worse.

Computers run into problems for all sorts of reasons. Often times, data is lost or programs don't function properly due to human error. There are also times when a computer can fail simply because it's a machine, and all machines fail at some point or another. Power outages, formatting problems and compatibility issues can also all cause computer problems.

If you are having problems with your computer, we encourage you to take it to us at Data Doctors. As a locally operated computer repair store, we specialize in recovering lost data, speeding up slow computers, eliminating viruses and repairing just about any other computer issue you can come up with. We'll also be happy to give your computer a free check-up while you're waiting, so you can eliminate problems before they happen.

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