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Frequently Asked Questions about Data Recovery

published 1/4/2021

Did you know that 20% of hard drives don't last four years?

Even if you complete meticulous research to buy the best laptop or desktop, the numbers remain the same for everyone. At some point, most of us need data recovery.

Are you afraid that you're in danger of losing important data? Do you continue to search for "data recovery near me" on Google without finding the answers you need?

Learn about the most frequent questions with this post and find the plan you need to protect your data.

Can You Complete Data Recovery Remotely?

You cannot diagnose a failing hard drive from a remote location and provide an accurate quote for services. A professional must have access to your device to use the appropriate assessment tools and lab technology to recover data.

What Type of Drive Failure Do You Have?

It's easier to give yourself proper expectations if you understand what type of hard drive failure you're experiencing. Questions you'll want to have answers to include:

  • Does your computer recognize a hard drive when it should?
  • Is there a beeping, buzzing, or clicking sound from the hard drive?
  • Does the hard drive show on your computer for a while and then disappear?

Logical Failure

A logical failure occurs when the hard drive fails to read or boot partitions. This failure occurs because of a corrupted file on the disk drive or an operating system issue.

Look for directory damage or formatting issues. Is there a possibility that someone deleted files by accident?

Mechanical Failure

First and foremost, do not continue to use devices that you suspect have a faulty drive. Continued use can cause irreversible damage that leads to permanent file loss.

Do you hear loud clicking, whirring, or buzzing sounds from your hard drive? Signs of mechanical failure tend to present themselves with loud noises. If you don't hear anything and your computer doesn't recognize it, that's a severe case of mechanical failure.

Ransomware or Malware

Your hard drive may have experienced a malware or ransomware attack. Look for the following signs:

  • Deleted files
  • Locked data or files
  • New file extensions
  • Ransom notes on the desktop

How Long Will It Take to Recover Your Drive?

While time varies, service providers should provide you with proper expectations. Ask for a tier of turnaround times when you talk to the team. You may have the opportunity to choose anything from a standard turnaround to emergency level service.

The faster you want your data returned to you, the more you will pay.

It's impossible to speed up the process of the hard drive recovery. Engineers can't wave a wand and increase the speed of data processing.

Can You Complete Data Recovery By Yourself?

You can attempt data recovery on your own, but it's an extreme risk. If you fail, you can cause permanent data loss.

"Free" data recovery software and online guides exist to help you with a do it yourself approach. If you attempt to do this at home, you'll still need to budget for the following:

  • Data recovery software
  • Tools for fixing your hard drive
  • Extra data storage and imaging hardware
  • Data recovery hood or cleanroom equipment

Successful data recovery comes from years of training and experience. You may have the ability to throw a baseball, but you can't throw faster than a professional pitcher.

Take a swing if you want, but understand the potential consequences before you do.

Is a Cleanroom Necessary for Data Recovery?

Sensitive devices need sterile environments to avoid microscopic pollutants, and a cleanroom removes harmful particles by treating the air. It's easy to damage the actuator heads on a hard drive by exposing them to airborne contaminants.

How Much Does Data Recovery Cost?

What's the first thought that went through your head when your hard drive crashed and stopped working? Other than wondering if you're at risk for losing data, you most likely thought: How much will this cost me?

You can expect to pay anywhere between $100 - $300 per hour.

Standard data recovery services cost an average of $100 to $700.

There's an old question that asks: How long do you make a piece of string? As long as it has to be.

The same principle applies to the cost of hard drive data recovery. While you may have hoped for set numbers, the truth remains that you're likely paying an hourly rate for someone to solve the problem. The challenges decide your costs.

Can You Find a Flate Rate for Data Recovery?

Imagine that you're a business owner who offers a service that can take an employee anywhere between one hour to three days. How long do you think you'd stay in business if you charged a flat rate?

You're used to transparent pricing for most products or services, so it's disconcerting when you can't find a price on a company's website. While a handful of data recovery services will offer flat rates, the quote at the beginning tends to trend higher and higher before you're finished.

What Factors Change the Cost for Data Recovery?

While it's difficult to list prices on a company's website, it's possible to have transparency in the data recovery process.

The following factors drive your estimate:

  • Hourly rate
  • Quality assurance
  • Large amounts of data
  • Cost for replacement parts
  • Research and development costs
  • Replacement costs for media to store recovered data

It's worth noting that an ounce of prevention's worth a pound of data recovery solutions. If you own a small business or work for a mid-size company, stress the importance of creating a disaster recovery plan.

Do You Have More Questions About Data Recovery?

You don't want to tackle data recovery unless you're a trained professional with training and experience. While the costs vary, you now have a guide that should give you proper expectations.

Where do you go if you have more questions about PC or Mac data recovery? Call your closest Data Doctors store and ask for help. We're always excited to talk with you.