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Top 10 Benefits of Utilizing Professional Data Recovery Services

published 12/05/2022

75% of American businesses have experienced data loss that has resulted in a serious disruption to their business processes.

To avoid a full-on shutdown due to a data loss, you need to employ data recovery services. Data recovery is a complex process that requires a particular set of tools and an even more particular type of knowledge. If you try and go it alone, it could be months before you have your data back, if you get it back at all.

If you want to stay ahead, or even level, in a competitive marketplace, you can't have your company down and out for months. Today, we're going to discuss the benefits of utilizing professional data recovery services, so keep reading and we'll help you rescue data sooner than later.

1. Save Yourself Time

The time you lose during a data breach is highly consequential for your bottom line. If you don't want to be scrambling to recover lost data while simultaneously trying to run your business, you need professional data recovery solutions on your side.

They'll be able to come in and quickly assess the situation and come up with a solution. With a team of dedicated experts, this might only take a few hours or days. If you were to try and do it on your own, as we mentioned above, it'll look more like weeks or months.

2. Experience Pays Off

One of the most tangible data recovery services benefits is the experience that they bring to the table. They'll come with knowledge and experience using some of the most cutting-edge pieces of software and technology to get your data back efficiently.

With a trained eye, they can also identify what exactly happened to cause the data loss. Generally, data loss occurs because of some physical damage - moisture, exposure to high extreme temperatures, a power surge - or corruption - viruses, deletion, etc.

By identifying the root cause, you can take action so that this doesn't happen again in the future.

3. Securing Data Post-Recovery

What actions you take toward securing your data after it's been recovered is crucial to the overall health of your company. If you keep making the same mistakes again and again, you're eventually going to run into an unsolvable data problem.

Data recovery services identify problems, but they also provide solutions. At a company like Data Doctors, we're able to help our clients protect themselves with data backup solutions tailored to their needs. You can learn more about this by downloading our free Disaster Prevention Guide.

4. It's Actually Affordable

Our data recovery services start at just $59. Of course, the cost of data recovery depends on the particular device or operating system, as well as the extent of the data loss. No two situations are the same, but professional data services are there to help you, not put you in a financial bind.

When you compare that with the cost of losing your data for good and all that comes with it, it's an easy price to pay. You could lose an insurmountable amount of capital in a damaged reputation alone when you have a serious data breach.

5. ...And Reliable

No data recovery service can guarantee success, but with professionals like ours on the case, if it can be recovered, we'll do it. Generally, when businesses try to recover their own data, they end up doing much worse damage. This is especially true of physical damage to hard drives, etc.

With knowledge of various data recovery methods, tools, and software, a professional service will assess the damage and use the most sensible tactics to get the data back.

6. Let's You Focus on Continuity

With a dedicated professional at the helm, you can rest easy and focus on your continuity plan. When disaster strikes, there's a tendency for companies to hit the panic button, but that doesn't do anyone any good.

The best thing for your business is to hire a professional and let them deal with the data recovery. Meanwhile, you stay dedicated to the day-to-day operations of your business and ensure that no further data is lost.

7. Keep Productivity High

Efficiency is key to productivity. A dedicated data recovery service is going to work as fast as it can to get your data back, so you can maintain your company's productivity.

When we recover your data, we do it on your terms. If it's an emergency, we'll treat it like one and make sure that you get your data back ASAP. Your data loss doesn't need to spell doom for your business.

8. Train Staff Better

Most data losses that companies go through these days are the result of cybersecurity breaches. 84% of data breaches are the result of employee error. When a data recovery service helps you understand the nature of your data loss, it can provide you with a unique opportunity.

The best thing you can do for your business, in order to avoid future data loss, is to train your employees on what to do and what not to do. If you're going to avoid phishing, malware, and everything else that cybercriminals do to steal your data, preparing your workers is the best way to do it.

9. Maintain Your Reputation

A serious data loss can negatively impact your company's reputation. If your customers can't trust you to take care of these sensitive materials, they'll take their business elsewhere.

By acting fast and hiring a data recovery service, you can preserve and maintain your reputation. Data breaches happen quickly, but they can be rectified just as quickly with the right service.

10. Peace of Mind

Knowing that you've got an affordable and reliable data recovery option brings peace of mind most of all. Data loss is part of daily life for businesses in 2023, but it shouldn't be the thing that keeps you up at night.

With a service like ours on your side, your data will always be protected. Between our recovery services and our Disaster Prevention Guide, there's no reason that you should ever lose your or your customers' data again.

Choose the Right Data Recovery Services

Now that you know about the benefits of professional data recovery services, it's time to experience them for yourself. At Data Doctors, we're among the nation's most trusted data recovery experts. Whether you need simple data recovery or you want to give your IT department extra help, we're here for you.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and discuss your data recovery needs.