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  • Tip of the Week:  Creating Manual Restore Points before making changes
  • Headwhack of the Week:  Great tool for managing Twitter feeds
  • Geek Speak of the Week:  AstroTurfing
  • Security: Real danger from file sharing networks (NBC video)
  • News: 'SMiShing' fishes for personal data over cell phone
  • News: 5 Facebook Schemes That Threaten Your Privacy
  • Data Doctors Video on Cnn.com: Botnet Warnings
  • Opinion: iPhones for Verizon? iPhones for Everyone!
  • Weekly Advice Column: Twitter...I DON'T GET IT!
  • This Week's Show: Demystifying Social Media

Tip of the Week: Creating Manual Restore Points before making changes

All Windows operating systems (since Win95) use a registry system that is machine specific in order to properly function.  Whenever you add new hardware or software to your computer, Windows must allow changes to the registry in order to recognize these new items.  Sometimes when a n