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Original Air Date: Feb 5, 2018

Awesome Android Copy App

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Most of us are using our smartphones these days to accomplish tasks that in the past would require us to sit down in front of a computer in order to get things done.

I often need to copy various items on my phone like a websites, images or bodies of text so the repeated back & forth isn’t very efficient.

Any Android users that seeks a better way to copy various things on their smartphones, should download the 'Copy Bubble’ app.

Copy Bubble makes it possible to copy virtually anything from anywhere in your phone. As you copy items, you will start to see an orange bubble with a number in the middle.

As you copy things in, the number will increase as the app compiles items in chronological order. Items stay in the app for you to paste until you remove them.

The Copy Bubble will float over any of you apps or screens, so you can paste some or all of the copied items just by tapping the bubble and tapping the various items.

Copy Bubble is for Android devices only and it’s free: