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Original Air Date: Feb 28, 2018

Rent Collection Made Easy

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This tip can be the greatest thing since sliced bread for anyone that owns rental property or for those that rent from a private party.

If the process of collecting or paying the rent is still by check, both renters and landlords know what a pain it can be for both sides.

Cozy is an excellent web resource created to make the monthly rent paying process simple.

Any landlord can register their rental property and associtated bank deposit information in a matter of minutes, which then allows their tenants to start paying the rent online.

Cozy is really helpful when there are multiple tenants in the same property because it allows roomates to each pay their share online eliminating the "chase the roommate"game.

If that wasn't cool enough to get started, how about all of this convenience at no cost to either the landlord or the tenant.

Cozy offers lots of extras for landlords including online rental applications, screening tools and they can even list thier property via their online network.

No more hassles with collecting or paying the rent at