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Original Air Date: Mar 1, 2018

Android-based Baby Monitor

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Anyone with younger children knows that using one of the many baby monitors on the market can be very comforting.

An alternative to traditional dedicated monitors or for those taking kids on a road trip is available through an Android app called Dormi.

The Dormi app will turn any 2 Android devices of any kind into a private baby monitoring system that can be used from any distance.

Because you're using Android devices, Dormi can use either wifi or cell connections, so it can work in the next room or the next state.

The app also allows you to talk to your child through the devices when a calming voice can help and it lets you know what the battery level is on the monitoring device.

The basic service is completely free for up to 4 hours per month or you can buy the app to get unlimited use forever.

Anyone with an old Android device sitting around somewhere could use Dormi to bring it back to a useful life for a parent in need.