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Original Air Date: Mar 2, 2018

Uncheck Unwanted Junk

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Let's start today's tip with some Geek Speak: Bundleware

Anyone that's ever downloaded a free program or even a simple software update may have noticed that they suddenly have a new toolbar that snuck into their browser or worse, the start page has been changed. That when you know that you’re a victim of 'bundleware'.

Sneeky software companies often include a third-party program hidden in their installation process because they get paid to do so.

They know that most users are going to click Next, Next, Next, I agree!

A good habit to get into when installing anything on your computer is to ignore the ‘recommended’ option and start choosing the 'custom' option so you can see what kind of third party programs they're trying to sneak past you.

For more protection against bundleware scams, checkout a free utility called 'Unchecky' that acts as a kind of checkmark watchdog.

Unchecky automatically unchecks thrid-party offers and also warns when you are about to install unwanted offers or utilities.

If you’re tired of you browser being overrun with unwanted junk add-ons, take control of your computer installs with