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Original Air Date: Mar 6, 2018

What's Taking Space?

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That hard drive in your computer is a lot like your frig; it doesn't matter how big, you will fill it up eventually.

Just as is the case for your refrigerator, tossing out your unneeded items is a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a newer, bigger one.

The primary problem most user run into is that they haven't a clue what is taking up their storeage space, so they have no idea what they can get rid of.

For starters, uninstalling any unneeded software and if your drive is filled with tons of video or music files that aren't important, tossing those space hogs will free up a lot of space as well.

Windows-based computers can get a helping hand from a program called 'TreeSize' which is free.

The structure of file storate in Windows is referred to as a 'tree' with folders representing branches and individual files are the leaves. The TreeSize tool quickly shows you the size of each folder so you can easily determine what's taking up all your storage space.

WARNING: Never should you delete items when you don’t know what they are and always be sure that you have verified your backup before starting to delete anything from your hard drive.