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Original Air Date: Jun 7, 2018

Computer Noises That Kill!

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If your vehicle begins generating strange noises, you’ll be sure to pay attention, right? 

If you said yes, then you should start doing the same with your computer as those new noises could be a big warning that your device is about to meltdown. 

No matter if it’s a grinding, whirring and/or buzzing sound, it is most likely the sign that one of your computer’s moving parts is beginning to wear out. 

For example, your cooling fans are a common point of failure and when they stop making noise, it generally means the fan stopped spinning altogether, leading to a meltdown.

Heat is a primary threat to any of your electronics, so when cooling fans to stop spinning it’s the equivalent to your car’s radiator being empty while the motor is running. 

If you should ever hear a clicking sound, and your computer won’t start up, your first reaction should be to immediately shut it off and seek help. Most clicking sounds coming from your computer could mean your hard drive is failing. 

Trying to repeatedly restart a clicking computer in an effort to try to get it to work can often cause irreparable damage. This type of damage often leads to permanent data loss, so you should be extra careful when you hear any clicking sound. 

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