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Original Air Date: Jun 8, 2018

IOT Device Warning

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Inexpensive and easy to install home automation devices were everywhere once again at this year’s CES with many more companies promoting their special systems. 

It’s no doubt that low-cost and the easy to install options can be very interesting, choosing a limited platform can cause integration problems down the road. 

Anyone that’s seriously considering any Do-It-Yourself home automation devices should look for platforms with open standards that support a large variety of gadgets that are on the market. 

I continue to favor the SmartThings platform because they’ve created a more open system that also works with lots of different popular automation devices including Phillips Hue lightbulbs and Belkin WeMo devices. 

Another benefit to the platform is that anyone who’s using it can create custom uses and share it with the rest of the SmartThings community. 

But be warned: all of these automation devices work off of your wireless network, so it is essential to setup security protocols on your wireless network before you begin to add devices. 

Learn more about the SmartThings platform at