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Original Air Date: Jun 11, 2018

Android Dash Cam App

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We have all seen useful video captured by dash cams that are in taxis, police cruisers and even from citizens that have them in their cars. 

These videos can be very handy in many instances, but they can be expensive or complicated, but did you know that you could use your Android phone? 

Using the DailyRoad Voyager app turns Android smartphones into a dash cam, provided you install a mount for your phone as well. 

Once the app is activated, it will auto-record everything right onto a SD expansion card, but then only critical events will be saved for future reference. 

You choose those critical events by simply touching the screen, which is very handy should you ever get in an accident or are a witness to an accident. 

The app can also auto-tag locations for photos and videos and when you’d like to share various travel videos with others, you can simply upload them to the DailyRoads website. 

There are other potential uses that you may find interesting at: