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Original Air Date: Jul 2, 2018

Smartphone TV Remote App

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Take a look around your living room to see how many remote controls you have laying around…it’s a bit much, isn’t it? 

Even if you have managed to program everything to a universal remote, how often does it go missing between the cushions or under the couch? 

Since you always have your smartphone in your hand, think about how awesome if would be if was your universal remote? 

Some of you may already have a device that is equipped with the ability to be just that and you only need the app to make it work. 

Some Android devices actually have an infrared transmitter, so simply installing the free Peel remote control app is all you need.

iPad and iPhone users can buy a device called the “Pronto” which will pair with the Peel app to convert them into your remote.

Pronto is a multi-directional receiver transmitter with a range of about 80 feet and will run you about 50 bucks . 

It uses regular AA batteries, which should last a year or so, which allows you to set it up just about anywhere.

(Pronto currently only works with iPhones and iPads.) app