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Original Air Date: Jul 3, 2018

Battery Heat Reminder

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Now that the summer heat is here, it is once again hot enough to make most us pretty cranky in the heat of the day.

And there's something else that can get pretty uncomfortable and equally cranky from the heat - all the batteries in all your devices!

Heat is one of the things you can protect your batteries from which will help you extended the life of your batteries.

Exposing your smartphone, notebook computer or tablet to extended direct sunlight in a steaming hot car will definitely reduce the life of your batteries.

When your tech has been in the heat and is warm to the touch, it's a good idea to avoid turning them on if possible and waiting for them to cool down closer to room temperature.

Another common mistake that geneates unneccesary heat is blocking those tiny exhaust vents on your laptop by using it on a pillow or thick blanket which can overheat your entire system.

If you spend a lot of time outside with your devices, always focus on avoiding direct sunlight for long periods of time to help your batteries.

Finally, keep in mind that when you're uncomfortable from the heat, so are your battery operated devices.