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Original Air Date: Jul 4, 2018

Old Website Archive

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A very unique web resource that's always been one of our favorites got a bit of an overhaul, which makes searching the web's past a lot more fun.

It's called the "Wayback Machine" and it's part of the Internet Archive project, which has been capturing elements of the Internet starting in 1996. You get to go back in time to lookup what various websites looked in the past.

Wouldn't it be great to see what your favorite websites looked like many years ago?

You can by going to the Wayback Machine website and typing just about any website to get a calendar of the available dates for past versions.

The original captures grabbed just home pages, so don't expect the full site, but their updated technology may allow more of the websites to be captured in the future.

It is really fun to see old versions of big name websites from companies like Microsoft and Apple! Check out all your favorites at