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Original Air Date: Jul 11, 2018

Awesome Measuring App

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Whether shopping for furniture, building something for your house or petitioning help from a neighborhood hardware store, making sure you have accurate measurements is essential.

Accurately conveying those measurements to others is equally as important.

We can easily take pictures using our phones, but including the measurement details ususally ends up being sent seperate from the picture.

For those situations, the 'My Measures' can make it much easier to include dimensions right on the picture you're taking, which reduces the chances of miscommunications when working with to a third party.

You no longer need to sketch something out on a piece of paper or pray that the recipient does not confuse the seperate measurements.

The app allows you to add arrows and dimensions to your images in seconds, then save and share the instructions, making it excellent for real estate agents, construction professionals or all you Do-It-Yourself fanatics.

The My Measures app works on iPhone, Android and Amazon mobile devices: