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Original Air Date: Sep 4, 2018

Note Taking Web App

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Yo Brandon, time to take a note with today’s tech tip.

For those that are still using a pencil and a pad of paper to make notes during meetings because they haven’t quite found the right process for doing it electronically, we’ve got a suggestion for them. 

Instead of manually writing the notes by hand and then having to go back to your computer to type them at your desk so you can share them with everyone, go test out for your next meeting. 

It a really simple put very powerful note taking web-app that can be used to track participants, assign tasks, document the decisions or gather ideas during the meeting and then easily distribute them after the meeting. 

The platform is also tablet friendly and can store the notes in a browser when you don’t have an Internet connection. 

Anyone tasked with the note taking during meetings may likely find that Minutes.IO can make this important task a snap to execute and make them look like a super organized person.