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Original Air Date: Sep 5, 2018

Helpful Flight Stats

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Anyone that travels on a regular basis knows how valuable it is to understand the ins & outs of various airports or airlines. 

Everything from flight delays to weather to on-time rankings are just the beginning of the info that can make a difference when you want the best option. 

Whether tracking a flight in real time or seeing a map of the various delays around the country, the website and apps at do an excellent job of providing a solid picture of what’s going on. 

Not only can you use all of the resources at their website, their apps offer features like an interactive terminal ‘Airport Zoom’ for the iPad or the ‘Traveler app’ for Android devices. 

It lets you setup flight alerts for incoming flights so you’re alerted of any delays, diversions or cancellations along with getting arrival notifications when that flight that you’re tracking arrives. has gathered just about every type of data that impacts airlines and airports, so take a look before you book your next flight!