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Original Air Date: Sep 11, 2018

Simple Video Editor

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Virtually every type of mobile tech we have includes the ability to capture high-quality videos, but the editing of those huge video files afterwards can get a bit complicated. 

For the majority of users, investing in expensive, complicated video editing software doesn’t make much sense, so that’s where a cool and free option is the subject of today’s tech tip.

A web-tool called is a pretty powerful, but easy-to-use video editing system that allows you to start in a beginner mode and move up to an intermediate or expert mode that canmmakes full use of timelines. 

Even if you have never ever edited any video before, you can simply trim unwanted sections, add a title, a little background music and even special effects in just a few minutes. 

There are even apps for most popular mobile devices, which allows you to edit video while on the go. 

The beginner’s tools are free to try, so you can easily test out your skills (& patience) with no risk of an expensive program!