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Original Air Date: Oct 31, 2018

Leverage Google's Trends

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Google has for many years offered an incredible number of free productivity tools that are especially usefel for businesses.

A tool that most people have never used and is one of my favorites is 'Google Trends'.

The Google Trends tool will allow you to take advantage of their huge database of search terms used by the entire Internet so you can see how often any term is typed in for Google searches.

It’s a powerful tool for finding relevant keywords that will help your business attract users looking for your products and services; it’s a powerful market research tool.

When you search for terms, you can reduce the focus to a country, a state or even just a language which will produce a line-chart displaying the interest over time.

It'll allow you to adjust the time span from between the past hour back to 2004 and show you the differences between various terms over time.

It’s an excellent way to find search terms that are seasonal, which is helpful in creating time sensitive marketing plans.

If you're one of the many that have not used Google Trends, take a second to see just how this incredibly powerful tool can help your business.

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