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Protecting yourself against Drive-by Downloads!

Data Doctors Radio Program | Ken Colburn, Brandon Disney & Ken Moskowitz The threats that face us all on the Internet continue to expand as our usage of the Internet expands.

Downloading just about anything from the Internet has potential risks and requires us all to understand what we are allowing to be installed into our computers at all times.

But how can we control downloads if we don't even know that they are happening?

Listen-in as the Data Doctors explain how 'drive-by downloads' work and more importantly, what you can do to minimize the chances of becoming a victim of the increasing threat of drive-by downloads.

Join us every Weekend as we discuss your computer questions. It's the Tech Show for Non-Tech People! You can post questions on Facebook .

Original Air Date: Nov 27, 2010

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Geek Speak of the Week

Zero-Day Exploit: A zero-day exploit is one that takes advantage of a security vulnerability on the same day that the vulnerability becomes generally known. There are 'zero' days between the time the vulnerability is discovered and the first attack is launched on the Internet.


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