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iPad 3, KONY 2012, Win8 Preview & More

Data Doctors Radio Program | Ken Colburn, Brandon Disney & Ken Moskowitz The buzz is finally over the facts are in and the iPad 3, um iPad HD, um the NEW iPad is out. So what's so great about it?

Can social media make a bad guy famous? Why would we want to? KONY 2012, who is Kony and why does everyone keep reposting this video?

Last week we told you about the new Windows 8 consumer preview. We also warned you not to install it. So, did you follow our advice?

Listen, Laugh and Learn as the 3 musketeers of tech help you. It's the Data Doctors, Ken, Brandon & Spanky.

Join us every Weekend as we discuss your computer questions. It's the Tech Show for Non-Tech People! You can post questions on Facebook .

Original Air Date: Mar 10, 2012

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Geek Speak of the Week

: A mickey is a unit of measurement for the speed and movement direction of a computer mouse. The speed of the mouse is the ratio between how many pixels the cursor moves on the screen and how many centimeters you move the mouse on the mouse pad. The directional movement is called the horizontal mickey count and the vertical mickey count. One mickey is approximately 1/200th of an inch.


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