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Complete Guide to the Best Way to Backup Photos

published 3/15/2020

Pictures are a big deal, and rightfully so. They take you down memory lane while also helping you stay connected to others. If you've ever accidentally deleted your photos, then you understand the agony of losing awesome memories.

Not to mention, incidents like theft, natural disaster, and misplacing your computer can also contribute to losing photos. Sadly, if any of these scenarios happen, there's no way to recover your data.

Thankfully, there are several tricks that can help you prevent wiping out all of your pictures by saving them in other areas. Here are a few suggestions for the best way to backup photos.

Online Storage

Nowadays, the most common method of preserving photos is by storing them online. You can utilize features like Google Photos to save your pictures from your phone or computer.

If you use Android, then most likely the transition from your phone storage automatically goes into Google Photos. It's a similar process for iPhone users. When you take pictures from your cellular device, they immediately go into iCloud.

There's also an option to upload pics from your laptop to Apple's online image storage.

Plus, there are other online programs you can use to save your pictures. These options are good if you have lots of portraits because most of them offer endless storage space. Furthermore, most photo saving sites include RAW image upload capability.

External Hard Drive

Another easy way to store your images is by using an external hard drive for your laptop or computer. By doing so, it makes a copy of your existing files, so if anything happens to your PC, you're safe.

The great thing about external hard drives is that they're portable, so if you need to transport information from one PC to another, it's no problem. They're also relatively inexpensive so you won't have to break the bank.

Backup Your Computer

Another great option for saving photos is doing a computer backup; most laptops and computers come equipped with a data recovery feature. Actually, this one the safest methods for preserving your images.

If you have Windows, the software is called Backup and Restore. However, if you own a Mac, the software is Time Machine; both programs give you the option to backup hard drive files in case you have to delete data.

You never know when your PC could crash or require a factory reset, so it's vital that you input your backup up settings as soon as possible.

Flash Drive

Using a flash drive is one of the simplest ways to transfer your photos to an alternate source. Flash drives, also known as thumb drives, are small and easy to carry around with you.

The only downside is that you could potentially lose the drive, so it's a good idea to keep it in a safe place. Furthermore, thumb drives don't hold a lot of data. They are a good option for saving a select number of photos, but it won't be able to hold everything.

However, it's a good idea to use it along with another backup method.

Compact Discs

This technique might seem a bit old school, but it's effective. If you're someone who has blank discs that you have no idea what to do with, this option is perfect.

Most CDs hold about 600 MB of data, which is suitable for a large number of photos. Furthermore, a set of discs is affordable, and it's a good idea to put the pictures on multiple CD's.

Unfortunately, this isn't the best way to backup computer photos because they're easy to damage. So if it gets cracked or scratched, your pictures are ruined. Therefore, you should backup hard drive files using multiple methods.

The Best Way to Backup Photos: The Foolproof Method

You've probably heard the phrase "don't put all your eggs in one basket". Well, that saying applies to saving your photos too. Luckily, there's a method that you can use to help ensure that you never lose your images - most people refer to it as the 3-2-1 strategy.

The first part of the technique consists of making three copies of your files. That might seem like a bit much, but it's worth the effort. For example, put your pictures on two separate SD cards and on a disc.

Next, save your photos in two separate places - consider using dual sources like Amazon Prime and Google Photos. Lastly, use an offsite option such as printing your photos. That way, you'll have physical copies, as well as digital copies.

Keep Your Memories Safe

Honestly, the best way to backup photos depends on your preference. If you're more of a digital person, then stick to using online photo saving services. Likewise, if you are a photographer and you like to print pictures, there's nothing wrong with doing that too.

Pictures mean a lot to people and it's devastating to lose memories. Backing up your photos as soon as possible prevents you from mistakenly deleting them in the future.

If you're going to snap pictures, you need to be prepared - having all of your backup methods in place ensures that you don't miss out on anything.

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