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Make your PC run better than new with a Hybrid Hard Drive!

Why a Hybrid drive?

  • Faster startup and shutdown
    For most systems, boot up in less than HALF the time and shutdown in seconds!
  • High performance at a very low price
    Solid State drives (SSD) can cost between 4X and 10X the price of a traditional hard drive. A Hybrid drive is only slighly more expensive than a traditional drive with near SSD speed!
  • Programs used most load fastest
    Because of Adaptive technology, the programs you use most frequently load fast!
  • Learns from usage, predicts user needs
  • Even older PC's see huge performance boosts!

Installation Included

For a limited time, a Data Doctors Professional will install, configure and copy all your programs, settings and data - a $200 value*!

Life is good

There's nothing more frustrating than starting up your PC and waiting for it, especially when you're in a hurry to get something off to your boss. Imagine life without the wait, no more watching the hourglass spin and spin away. Click and go! That's the experience customers really get when Data Doctors replaces their traditional hard drive with our hybrid drive. Get a huge boost in performance for a very low price. With a Data Doctors hybrid drive, life is good.

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* Offer includes installation of 500GB Hybrid Drive inside laptop/notebook/netbook computer system and use of software to make a copy of data, programs and settings (image copy) in their current state only. 1000GB Hybrid Drive available for $20 more. Virus Removal, Tune Up, and/or other services available for an additional charge. Desktop computer systems may require additional parts at an additional charge. See store for details.