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Why You Should Consider Antivirus Software

published 7/25/2021

Malicious software attacks have spread like wildfire over the last few years, as cybersecurity has become a top threat for most businesses. Get this, malware attacks cost the average business over $2 million. These attacks are projected to be so ferocious that they'll cost the US government an estimated $5 trillion in 2021.

With these staggering statistics, it's already clear that you need optimum protection. Antivirus software is a data security utility designed to protect your computer from viruses and malware. Read on to find out more incredible benefits of antivirus software.

First Things First: What's a Computer Virus?

Viruses are unwanted programs that enter a computer system without your knowledge. The worst thing is that they self-replicate and spread, performing malicious and damaging actions in the process. Think of computer viruses like human viruses and how they affect the body.

Once a computer virus affects your system, it spreads to other devices, infects your files, and steals your data. It slows down the overall performance of the computer and leaves innumerable damages in its wake. Some of these damages include data loss, damaged or deleted files, hard disk formatting, and computer crashes.

What Exactly Is Antivirus Software?

On the other hand, antivirus software are programs designed to combat these viruses. They are smart enough to detect and recognize different types of viruses and to remove them before they wreak havoc. In a nutshell, antivirus software is prophylactic in the fact that it keeps potential viruses from infecting your system.

Antiviruses are more important than ever with cybersecurity being so rampant. It would be unthinkable to live without this kind of protection. Let's look at some of the most significant benefits, shall we?

It'll Protect Your Computer From Malware

Viruses are a type of malware constantly working to penetrate any vulnerabilities in your computer system. Any chance they get and find exposure, they infiltrate and try to harm the system. Essentially malware is any type of malicious software, and there are so many types of them trying to infiltrate your system.

Some of this malware include ransomware, spyware, trojan horse, worm, as so many others. When you install an antivirus on your system, its main job is to detect potential malware before it attacks your system. This means that it'll counter any viruses before they can get through to your system.

You may never even know they were trying to attack. Every device that you connect to the internet needs to have antivirus software. Regardless of whether the operating system is Windows or macOS.

It's also imperative to ensure all your devices are updated continuously. It’ll help combat newer vulnerabilities. Whether it's for personal use or for business, you will benefit greatly from an antivirus.

It'll Defend You From Data Thieves

Every day, a huge number of data thieves are looking for various ways to steal sensitive data and information from you. It could be your business files, passwords, or personal information for identity theft. Small businesses have especially become a huge target for hackers and data thieves.

This is usually because small businesses lack the resources for full-blown security protocols. More and more small businesses have had to go through expensive data recovery processes after penetration. Even though a business requires data backup and disaster planning, an antivirus will go a long way in offering protection.

Hackers and data thieves use viruses and malware programs to access computers. They install this malware in the system by sending malicious emails to their victims. The minute you open these emails, the hackers get instant access to all the programs and files they desire.

Offers Protection From Removable Devices

How many times do you transfer data to your computer through removable devices like USBs? Possibly countless times, right? Now, when you connect USB or other removable devices from other people, you may find that your computer has slowed down or downright crashed.

If you have ever wondered why this happened, it's because that removable device was a transmission device for malware. The trick here is not to avoid using removable devices just to avoid risks. The trick is to use top-of-the-line antivirus software that will protect your computer from such threats.

Proactive antivirus software will immediately combat the virus. It'll attempt to quarantine the malware for evaluation, deem it viable, then archive it into the vault. The next time a similar malware tries to attack your computer, it will identify it and prevent the attack.

File and Data Protection

Apart from malware protection, antivirus software will protect your data and files. The program will keep an eye on every file that gets into your computer system and will check for any maliciousness or peculiarity.

The problem with viruses is that they are very easy to transmit to your network through infected files. It's also just as easy to harm and damage your data and files, which can be very important, especially for a small business.

Protection From Spyware and Phishing Attacks

One of the best things about antivirus software is that it comes with a firewall. A firewall offers protection from spyware and phishing attacks.

Generally, the firewall monitors every incoming and outgoing traffic from your network. It checks all the files and data you send or transfer through the internet or from other networks.

If you were to open a malicious website without a firewall, you would risk a phishing attack. A phishing attack is when a hacker targets your personal information.

It could be credit card information, login credentials, passwords, and the like. These attacks have especially become very popular and are a common way for people to fall victim to identity theft.

The Importance of Antivirus Software and Why You Need One

With all the threats presented by malware such as viruses, ransomware, or riskware, it's evident why you need antivirus software. This is no longer something you can afford to overlook or overgo. It's an imperative part of an operating system because it'll protect you from identity theft and keep your business safe from data loss.

Now, as a business, it's even more important to have your data backed up just in case these viruses manage to penetrate your system. Even better, you should be ready for data recovery as well.

For these services and many more, please get in touch with us for a free technology needs assessment, and we'll protect your business together.