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Posted By : of Data Doctors on April 24, 2009

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Do you know anything about the website Is it o.k. or risky?

- Judy

This question was answered on April 24, 2009. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

The complexity of managing an Internet connected computer these days continues to increase In general, a computer will slow down over time from regular usage because of the extra programs and processes that come from the gradual addition of software (some intentional, some without your knowledge).

If you don’t do any form of regular maintenance, the slowdown will continue to grow and waiting till the system is overloaded to clean it up becomes a much bigger chore.

Companies that want to cash in on your frustrations about computer performance but do it as cheaply as possible are popping up all over.

Anyone in the technology services industry had a good chuckle when the FinallyFast television commercials started to air, especially when they saw a Mac notebook suffering the Windows’ Blue Screen of Death.

Despite using Mac computers in a television ad for a Windows only product, there are other disturbing issues for me.

A big red flag is the reference to major media outlets such as Newsweek, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, when a search of these sites has no mention of the website.

In addition, there are no links to the coverage that they claim they were “featured” in by these major media companies on the FinallyFast website.

Setting those concerns aside, the real question: Is what they’re offering of any value? offers a selection of programs that claim to do everything from improve Internet performance to remove junk files from your computer to monitor your family’s Internet usage.

They offer to scan your system for free and then when they find things that they can “fix” on your computer, they offer to sell you a downloadable program.

The reviews around the web (other than the ‘testimonials’ on their own website) seem to suggest that there are more concerns than value to what is being offered You may get some value from what they are offering, but you could likely do better with a different approach.

Having been in the computer service business for over 20 years, I have yet to find any software program that you simply installed to take care of all of your problems.

I’m especially not a fan of anything claiming to be a “Registry cleaner” as we see too many folks that had perfectly usable computers come to our stores after attempting to clean up their computer with one of these types of programs.

The Windows Registry is just too complex to have an automated program recognize the infinite number of variables that determine what should and should not be touched in the Registry.

If you want to remove adware and spyware, a couple of free programs Spybot Search & Destroy and AdAware - do a pretty decent job and cost you nothing.

If you want a good Internet filtering & light duty monitoring program, checkout the free offering at .

If your computer is really slow, have one of your techie friends or a professional technician evaluate your situation before you spend any money on a magical program that will likely be a waste of money.

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of Data Doctors on April 24, 2009

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