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Can a Zipped file be opened more than once?

Posted By : of Data Doctors on July 12, 1999

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Can a Zipped file be opened more than once and in different folders? I had WinZip and thought I had opened all files. I now have FreeZip and show 12 Zip files. Most, if not all, are already showing in folders on my C:\ drive but FreeZip still asks if I want to Unzip them. Once unzipped why does it remain in the Zip file?


This question was answered on July 12, 1999. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Zipped files are single files that contain numerous compressed files For instance, if I had 20 different spreadsheet files that I wanted to e-mail to a colleague, I could Zip them into 1 compressed file that is smaller than the combined total of the 20 spreadsheets “Zipping” not only makes handling multiple files easier, it also makes it quicker to download from the Internet or from your e-mail because it compresses the files In order to create and/or extract *.zip files or archives, you must use a program to do so WinZip ( is a free utility that I have used for years to work with these file types When you unzip a *.zip file, the original file is left in tact for future uses Once you have extracted the files from the zipped file, you will have to manually delete it if you no longer want to keep it The reason your new program notified you of the 12 Zip files is because of an “installation wizard” that simply looks at all the files on your hard drive to alert you of any zipped files that currently exist This has no bearing on whether you have unzipped them or not, simply letting you know that they exist When using a program such as WinZip you also have the option of extracting the files to any folder or directory on any drive, including floppy disk, Zip cartridge (no relation), hard disk, etc.

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of Data Doctors on July 12, 1999

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