How do I increase the font size on web sites?

Posted By : of Data Doctors on December 27, 1999

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Many web pages have print that is so small that I am not able to read it, even with my magnifying glass. An excellent example is your site's web pages wherein you provide questions and answers ( How do I increase the font size of these pages or at least of paragraphs on those pages?

This question was answered on December 27, 1999. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Web designers have many issues to wrestle with when it comes to putting together websites and fonts and font sizes are one of the most important Several factors within your own computer can determine whether you see the site the way that the designer intended for you to see it One of them is your screen resolution or the number of pixels that you are displaying Most web sites are designed to work well in the 640x480 or 800x600 mode so if your screen resolution is set to 1024x768 the fonts will be smaller than intended

To check your screen resolution, do the following:

Click on Start/Settings/Control Panel/Display This should open the Display Properties window Click on the Settings tab at the top right then look for the slide bar in the Screen area box The optimum setting for most web sites is 800x600 Caution: Some older monitors can be damaged if you exceed their resolution capabilities DO NOT go to a higher resolution then what is set unless you know that your monitor is capable of handling it or you may hear a pop and suddenly have a blank screen!

The next factor is the type of browser and the version that you are using Certain web related features might not be available to you if you have a fairly old browser (in most cases V3.0 or older) The current version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer is 5.0 and the current version of Netscape's Communicator is 4.7 Before upgrading to a newer

browser, check with your Internet Service Provider to be sure there are no compatibility issues with them

The final factor, and most likely the easiest solution is to change the font setting in your browser You can tell your browser to increase or decrease the size of the font to suit your needs In Internet Explorer 5.0, click on View then on Text Size to show you your choices It most likely will be set to medium, so try the next setting up (larger) In IE 4.0 click on View then on Fonts to accomplish the same thing In

Netscape's Communicator, click on View then on Increase Font to go to the next size up Keep in mind, however, when you increase the font size, you may distort the overall look of the page and it may cause it to look funny If you make a change to the font size and don't like the results, you can easily put it back, so don't be afraid to experiment!

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Posted by of Data Doctors on December 27, 1999

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