Convert MP3 to WAV and Burn CD's all at once!

Posted By : Ken Colburn of Data Doctors on May 1, 2000


I have a CDR drive that came with software that allows me to make my own CD’s and it works fine for making data CD’s. In order to make a music CD that I can play in my car, I have to convert my MP3 files to WAV then burn them onto the CD. Is there anything that I can get that will eliminate the long tedious conversion step?



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MP3 files are compressed high quality audio files that a computer can replay, but regular audio CD players can not This is why they must be converted or “uncompressed” into WAV files before burning them onto a CD These MP3 files have turned the music industry upside down because they allow unknown, unsigned artists to distribute their own high-quality music via the Internet Sites like <a href=""><font color="#003399"></font></a> allow artists to post free samples of their music on the site in hopes of gaining an audience You can download these songs and make your own music CD that has 15 to 20 songs on it Imagine a CD that only contains songs that you actually like! The biggest pain in this process has always been the conversion of the MP3 file to WAV Depending upon your hardware it could take hours just to convert the songs and another hour to burn the CD Well with something this dynamic, it was just a matter of time before someone simplified the process There are dozens of programs that will reduce the amount of human intervention that is required, but my favorite to date is the free MP3 player from MusicMatch (<a href=""><font color="#003399"></font></a>) The MusicMatch Jukebox doubles as a CDR burning interface that will convert the MP3 files to WAV “on-the-fly” Simply load your songs into the Jukebox and click on the CD-R button just above your song list A “Create CD from Playlist” dialog box will appear with the list of songs that you have chosen and the amount of space it will take to transfer them to CD If you have more music than will fit on a CD it will alert you to this and allow you to deselect songs so that your selections will fit This program only works with most newer generation CDR/CDRW drives so you may want to check the compatibility list at <a href=""><font color="#003399"></font></a> before you get started.

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Posted by Ken Colburn of Data Doctors on May 1, 2000


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