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Well i dont know what the hell is wrong with my pc ive had like 3 people already look at it and their all going nuts b/c they cant figure it out neither. My friend thinks its "blaster worm" that inffected my comp. Symptoms: Some times it doenst boot, when it manages to boot it ALWAYS! goes to the disk check and if u let it run it just checks says their some currupted files (ussually the security descriptors") then it just reboots and does it all over again. But if i choose not to check disk then it start off fine but i get error message saying the system just recovered from serious error. Once im using it, after llike a few minutes it just reboots by its self and start over, some time it cant even boot it just turns black screen. Finally my friend said screw lets reinstall windows and we tried but it wont let us, it keep giving a error message that it was missing a textfile and/or that spearrow.sys file was corrupted. so now people are telling me that what ever virus or worm i got prety much fried my comp. Another thing too is that i have NOrton on my comp and sometimes when it boots i look on the right hand bar an it has it dissabled and anable it but it always gets turned off! Also the i tried windoc and disk and they keep saying something about another aplication is using my HD and theirs nothing on and it keeps saying somehting about the security descriptors! please help me b/c i dont know what to do and my computer is messing up and i have all my college work on it!!!!!


ps. really appreciate ur help and time thank you!


This question was answered on October 31, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

The best to do is to backup your files and format your whole entire systems and reinstall all your software from scratch.The computer is screw up Just Remember to back-up file first before you do it.

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on October 31, 2003