What is a virus?


My home page has been hijacked. I've tried manually changing it and it always switches back.

A while back I downloaded Ad-Aware and it shows 5 registry keys and they can't be removed. How do I change this? Is it a corupted registry? The particular page that always comes up is Searchv.com. It also swiped my standard buttons tool bar search.

When I do a Ctr/alt/delete and get a list of processes, I find a svchost.exe listed several times, such as "user," "system," etc. Is this the searchv.com? Can I delete any of these? When I search files for svchost.exe, svchost.exe-3530F672.pf comes up.

The Ad-Aware info is:

Type: RegData

Data: "http://www.searchv.com/w/search.html"

or "http://www.searchv.com/w/"


Object: Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MainSearchPage.searchv.com

or: \MainSearchBar.searchv.com

or: \SearchURL.searchv.com

or: \MainStartPage.searchv.com

or: \MainDefault_Search_URL.searchv.com

or: \MainDefault_Page_URL.searchv.com

or: \SearchSearchAssistant.searchv.com

or: \SearchCustomizeSearch.searchv.com

All of the above are listed.

How do I fix this? Can I fix it? Do I need to bring it in?


Regina Rooney

[email protected]


This question was answered on November 7, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Your problem is that while you thinking someone has corrupted your page they also installed a virus in your computer so what you going to have to do is reinstall your os as well as the programs you use constantly

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on November 7, 2003