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I currently have several pc's networked and sharing my cable modem via WinXP ICS. All pc's run XP Pro. All client pc's are assigned static ip's with default gateways of, thus allowing clients to boot without server having to be on. What I'm looking for are some network utilities that will allow me to monitor network traffic, and possibly control available bandwidth to each client. It seems that when one client is using lots of bandwidth, the server tends to let it keep it, resulting in other clients having very low bandwidths for a time. I found some services and protocols that I installed on my nic's that looked hopeful, but I could never seem to find the user interface for them (Network Monitor Driver, SNMP, QoS)...Also, is there any advantage to using IPV6 at this time? Does it improve NAT in ICS? Can it eliminate NAT? Or, what I really want to know, can IPV6 allow me to directly access one of my client computers on my home network from the web?

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Ed Kleemola


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Webattack is a helpful site when it comes to answers with free and shareware programs you can find what you need and its describes what each program does and it even has snapshoots so u can decied one whice one looks right for you

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on December 16, 2003