What cable does a printer use to connect to a computer?


My computer locks up when I try to print from a disk or from the hard drive. I will open a document and it will appear on the monitor, but when I try to print it - the process locks up the computer. I have ran scan disk, defragged the system, uninstalled and reinstalled windows ME, but still have not cured the problem or identified it. Can you provide me with any assistance on what to do next?? I have contacted Gateway Help with no success.


This question was answered on November 20, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

If you are connect to a parallel cable make sure that the cable is IEEE 1284 Specification, check the connection of the cable that is attach to your computer and the printer You might also replace another cable with a new one if your cable is very old Uninstall the drivers and the application software for the printer Reinstall it again If your are using a USB then you have a IRQ conflict make sure that IRQ 10,11 and 12 are free and can be use

Go to the CMOS Setting and see if you have option for parallel port and choose the mode of ECC/ ECP mode or ECP Both method send data bidirectional but ECC is faster than ECP , but somethings ECC gives DMA conflict so it will be better to use ECP mode in the CMOS setup.

Try also to run drwatson by typing in the run command or it should be in the windows folder ones is running also try to print something or do the action that gives you problem, if it lock up then try the ctrl alt del to end the process that is not responding Then look go to the folder windows\Drwatson\WatsonXX.wlg <-- find this file in this folder the X means the number Open this file in a text form and see if you have error that occur you may also open again drwatson at the run command to see if he found any program, If you did notice a error message either in WatsonXX.wlg or drwatson, the next step is to go to microsoft website a report this errors.

It also might be the Printer software is causing problem to your system, make sure the software or the driver is for Windows ME not Windows 98 Also update windows Me and the drivers for your printer, go to the HP website and find the latest drivers for your printer and make sure it will support for windows ME.

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on November 20, 2003