What is the program that don't run visible?


Ok, My computer runs fine, i guess.. but after a few hours of running, it will all of a sudden start using part of my CPU. When I go to Task Manager, it says ~50% of my CPU is being used, but under processes, it says 97-99% is being used by system idle process. So while no program is using my CPU, somehow it is being used 50%. I can tell there is a slight slowdown in speed and it just annoys me. Anyone know why my CPU is being used and why it is not showing in proceses.


This question was answered on December 3, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

There might be a background program running that you won't see it, such as Microsoft update

Checking for update In some how you always going to get the system IDLE process in a high

CPU This is basically the hard drive access, program get access to files in the hard drive.

What you can do is to delete the startup folder which shoudld be at the start Menu/program/startup folder, you can do this using Windows Explore.

Also reduce the Icons from the system tray, which is in locate the right side under your taskbar.

Also too many program open can cause the performance and processes to increase.

You made hae some freeware program that are can cause the system to slow down or hang, don't install freeware program because they are not 100 % dbug or free errors meaning that

they could have some bugs and can corrupt other programs.

Use Recent software and don't use Program software that are expire If it possible, try to update any old software that you might have because old software consume alot of CPU and if

you add patches this might help to reduce this kind of problmes

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on December 3, 2003