DVD error message.


when i try playing a dvd on my pc an error message occurs,

error code: f4d41436

the tv out port of your display card is not working properly, i then ask for more details

it then says:

this copy protected disk can not be played when the tv out function is enabled

plz can u tell me what to do




This question was answered on December 7, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

You're running into copy protection DVD player programs, like WinDVD, PowerDVD all incorporate Macrovision awareness (Macrovision is a form of copy protection to prevent you from copying the disk) They check the TV-Out function on your video card to see if Macrovision protection is built into the video card If not, they won't allow the TV-out to be used This is to prevent you from recording the DVD to a VCR This is what's causing your problem, you'll need some way to disable the Macrovision in your player software There are various programs available to do this but you can do some searching on the web to see what you can find One is DVD Region-Free (at www.dvdidle.com) I believe you can download a trial version of it, so you can find out if it helps.

Jorge Torres

Katharine Gibbs School

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on December 7, 2003