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Hello, I have a compaq armada 1750 6400/T/10000/D/M/3 lap top which was working fine untill I tried to install a r/c flight simulator made by great planes called r/c flight simulator generation 2. when I was prompted to reboot after the install my computer just booted up to a blue green screen. Some screens flash during the startup and I get to see the start button at the bottom of the screen for about a second and then it disappears. The touch pad works and I can do a cntr alt del to reboot the computer. I tried a boot disk but it tells me that I don't have enough room to install the files I need. Please help me, I am getting grey hairs over this whole ordeal. Thank you very much for your help!

Robert Rangel


This question was answered on December 8, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

If that blue screen appears again, write down on a piece of paper that it says and it should give a some numbers and letter characters Once you did this either you can post this report to us so we can help you find out or post to microsoft website In this is a very strange because in Windows 98 doesn't have this kind of Blue screen only on Windows 2000 .

You can try booting to Startup Menu Option by pressing Ctrl when windows is coming up and choose Safe Mode and you should be able to get in and then remove the simulation using the Add/Remove programs.

Once you remove the program reboot again and see what happen, if you still having a problem and open Dr Watson by typing his at the run dialog box, after Dr Watson is on your tray system and do anything to make the blue screen or error message to appears Then go to Windowns folder/ drwatson folder/ and Watsonxxx.wlg file open this will to see the record in detail and report this detail to Microsoft Website support or report to us to do it for you and show the step to make.

Next time see what are the requirement for this simulator, because this simulators software requires too much resources such as memory, hard drive spaces, video memory And if you don't have this kind of requirement then you will have a problem with your system and will mess up others programs

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on December 8, 2003