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I just had a question answered and posted on your site which really didn't answer my question. Some of the question I ask is below. The answer given is not for a XP OS to start with. If I try to get to the Control Panel from the start button the system hangs. I am able to get to the Control Panel from IE and going to the C: drive. Once in I do have a Network Connections Icon but when in that folder there is no way to do an add. Another thing that was mentioned was Banyan Vines and you can get this error when you uninstall and install it. I've never done that. So I'm pretty confused on the procedures and the answer given. Is there someone I could correspond with thur email directly? It may help if I could talk directly to someone. Thanks


I keep getting this pop up error whenever I try to go into my control panel or my computer from the start button. The error says:

Failed to load resource DLL

When I try to do this it locks the computer and I have to reboot. Now if I try to open IE I will also get this error but I can right click on the error button on the task bar and do a close and then IE will open. Also when I try to go to Explore from the Start button this will lock my computer. It seems that anything to do with the structure or the folders (like drilling down to folders) locks the machine. I've tried to reload XP with no luck. It's also giving me problems just getting to the CD and DVD drives. Another problem is system restores. It won't let me do a system restore. I try to go back to a checkpoint, everything looks like it's working but comes back after the reboot and says it couldn't restore to a certain date. I've tried this many times trying to get back to before the problem but no luck.

I am able to do most things, outlook works fine (I can email and get emails), IE works ok and I can type in C:\ from the IE address and get to the C drive fine.

I was doing some reading about DLL and one thing they said is sometimes when you uninstall something you may delete a DLL by mistake. Could this be what's wrong I'm missing a DLL?


This question was answered on December 16, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

The first thinkg you should do is look for the resource DLL in the search files and floders see if it show you anything if not put in the XP OS disk and do a repair on the OS instead of doing a fresh install after you do the repair then look again for the DLL.

if that does not work you can totally remove the XP OS using the fdisk and remove the partion and redo the partion and make a new one and put the XP OS on it.

or you can do a system restore and try to restore the computer to the setting when it last worked

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on December 16, 2003