How do fujitsu notebook computers rank?


would like to know about Fujitsu notebooks computers. How do they rank? There web site not helping.


This question was answered on December 14, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Found the following information in a site about Fujitsu notebook computers They rank right up there with the best of them.

LifeBook C Series

"Our LifeBook C Series was configured with a powerful 1GHz Intel Mobile Pentium III CPU, 256MB of RAM, and a 15-inch screen Its three-spindle design comes with a 1.44MB floppy disk drive and a 30GB ATA/33 hard disk drive with a combination optical drive that provides both DVD-ROM and CD-RW capabilities All of this is packaged in an easy-to-carry, attractive 7.3-pound silver case .. When you unpack the C Series at the airport, while waiting for your flight or at 35,000 feet, you'll be glad you brought it along The C Series uses the mobile version of Pentium III CPU with SpeedStep technology SpeedStep drops the clock speed and operating voltage when the system is running on battery power, which lets you squeeze a bit more run time out of the laptop In our test, with all power management other than SpeedStep disabled, the C Series ran for 3 hours and 35 minutes That's an excellent runtime, long enough to work through most of a transcontinental flight Regardless of your intended use, you'll find the Fujitsu LifeBook C Series to be a terrific laptop It has everything you might want or need, including great performance, good looks, and terrific features It even has, at least for a Fujitsu product, a reasonable and attractive price."

LAPTOP Magazine / "Fujitsu LifeBook C Series"- March 2002

"WHAT'S HOT: You'll probably never have to buy a Universal Serial Bus hub for Fujitsu's new LifeBook C -- it comes with four USB ports, stacked two by two on the back The LifeBook C also carries an IEEE 1394 port, a TV-out port, and an extra line-in port that doubles an a S/PDIF connection for downloading digital audio on to Sony minidisc-player discs Four dual-purpose buttons on the front of the notebook serve both as application shortcuts and as audio controls: Flip a mode switch to launch any file, program, or Web site, or to start, stop, or change music CD tracks If you have a POP3 e-mail account, you can set up the notebook's e-mail notification light to blink when new messages arrive.

PC WORLD.COM / "Fujitsu LifeBook C Series - Four USB-port laptop liberates you from USB hubs."- November 2001

LifeBook P Series

".. Through her new Fujitsu Lifebook P series laptop, installed with a Sierra wireless card on Bell Mobility's 1X network, Amati can now offer clients more than she ever dreamed possible .. Her ultra-portable laptop functions as cellphone and fax machine, and with a digital camera, she can now create virtual tours of her clients' homes and post them immediately on the Internet .. Today, all of our notebooks are equipped with built-in wireless local area network (LAN) capability as well as the capacity to take advantage of technology such as Bell Mobility's 1X service .. Fujitsu has seen a marked increase in sales of their P series of laptops as consumers become frustrated with the limitations of PDAs .. "

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The Toronto Star / "Unplugged" - November 2002

".. These notebooks offer a touch-based screen, which makes it easier for our staff to use right off the top .. Fujitsu's pen-based, touch screen LifeBook P1000 is powered by Transmeta's 733 MHz Crusoe, a TM5800 Processor with LongRun, and offers power management designed to save energy while still providing full processing power in battery-mode Its design measures 9.1 inches wide by 6.2 inches deep by 1.36 inches high The P1000 also incorporates an anti-reflective coating for its 8.9-inch wide-format XGA TFT touch screen The unit offers two different battery configurations, including the standard main Lithium ion battery for up to five hours of battery life or high-capacity main battery increasing computing life up to 10 hours .. The P1000s are the smallest, fullest notebooks in the world," says Christina Paquet, Fujitsu Canada's notebook marketing manager in Mississauga, Ont "It's lightweight, and it features a full OS so it can run any program in conjunction with what you have in the office, and it's a more durable notebook."

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Computing Canada / "Where the wireless roam " - September 2002

"While many notebook manufacturers are racing to produce the largest possible screen, Fujitsu is perfecting one of the most fundamental needs of a notebook: portability.

Since its unveiling last year, the LifeBook P Series (I don't know what P stands for, but it should stand for portability) has received rave reviews In fact, it was named "Best Notebook" and overall "Best of Show" at the Comdex trade show last fall."

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The Toronto Star / "Tiny, light notebook has bragging rights " - March 14, 2002

".. This new laptop stuffs a remarkable amount into a chassis that's small enough to slip into most briefcases Plus, the system keeps on giving, with long battery life, plenty of expansion ports, and even a couple of application quick-launch buttons .. The LifeBook P Series' design copies that of Fujitsu's sleek, ultralight, Japanese laptop, the Loox The 10.6-by-7-by-1.6-inch, 3.4-pound (base weight) system is about as small as it gets before falling into the subnotebook category Yet Fujitsu somehow stuffed a small but bright 10.6-inch TFT screen, a 20GB hard drive, and a DVD/CD-RW drive inside this slim profile Even better, you can swap out the drive for an extra battery .. The high-capacity battery also makes for incredibly long life: 365 minutes in CNET Labs' drain tests compared to a middling 166 minutes on the primary battery alone The Fujitsu's battery life got a big boost from its 800MHz Transmeta Crusoe TM5800 processor; the chip automatically adjusts its voltage and megahertz according to the tasks you throw at it."

(Read the entire review) / "Fujitsu LifeBook P Series " - January 2002

"Best of all, the modular bay lets you replace the optical drive with an extra battery On our tests, battery life was 2:45 with the standard three-cell battery, 5:35 when we replaced that with the optional six-cell battery, which extends the front about an inch, and an impressive 11 hours when we used the bay battery ($200) in concert with the six-cell battery Clearly, if you need to go all day without charging up and hate fumbling with a spare, the LifeBook P Series is the only ultraportable game in town .. For those who need the best battery life in a compact package and an aggressive price the Fujitsu LifeBook P Series is worth a look."

PC Magazine / "Ultrauseful Ultraportables" - November 2001

"What the overall design of Fujitsu's LifeBook P Series is a winner and the notebook's features get high marks from TechTV Labs For basic, portable computing, the P Series is a good choice, especially considering its low price .. The P Series continues a recent trend blurring the line between mini-notebooks, ultra-portables, and thin and lights Fujitsu distinguishes itself with the P Series by eliminating the price premium of a notebook this size .. The Fujitsu P Series is one of the most unique notebooks we've seen Even with the small size, Fujitsu manages to fit in a DVD/CD-RW drive and all the features typically found in a notebook this size Fujitsu does get high marks for the price, especially with the features included out of the box."

TechTV / "Fujitsu P Series" - October 2001

LifeBook S Series

"Fujitsu frees you from the CPU shackles with its new LifeBook S series Unlike most notebook lines that offer only one processor type, this awesome thin-and-light comes with either Intel's Pentium M or AMD's Athlon XP-M The flexibility lets you stick to your budget by picking the cost-conscious XP-M or boost your system's performance with the speedy Pentium M Whichever chip you choose, it ships inside one of the coolest cases around The system weighs just a hair more than four pounds but still includes a convenient, swappable media bay "

(Read the entire review) / "Fujitsu LifeBook S Series" - May 2003

"Fujitsu's LifeBook S Series is like a fine wine: It has grown only better with age The latest version of the LifeBook S still includes the same smart chassis that weighs around four pounds--it's one of the lightest thin-and-light notebooks around--yet still leaves room for an internal modular bay The laptop has also retained its fabulous battery life, superb speed, and reassuring security features such as a password panel and a smart-card reader.. "

(Read the entire review) / "Fujitsu LifeBook S Series" - January 2002

"WHAT'S HOT: Armed with Intel's new low-voltage Pentium III-750/600 processor, Fujitsu's latest ultraslim LifeBook S Series model more than holds it own against full-size notebooks, in terms of performance In our speed tests it earned a PC WorldBench 2000 score of 138, a hair above average for a Pentium III-750 .. The petite, magnesium-clad LifeBook S Series reigns as the lightest laptop we've seen with a modular bay built into the case .. UPSHOT: The LifeBook S Series would make a good travelling companion for corporate nomads who use mainstream office applications and who don't mind a small screen and keyboard It weighs less than 4 pounds, yet it carries a powerful processor, comes with loads of storage, and conveniently holds a DVD-ROM/CD-RW combination drive in its internal bay."

PC World / "Fujitsu LifeBook S Series" - September 2001

"As its name suggests, the Fujitsu LifeBook S-Series gives users what most WS fail to deliver: battery life over the long haul The S-Series performs another neat trick: It's one of the only ultralights to include a conveniently integrated modular bay within a mere inch-high hull This superior battery life and design bring the Fujitsu to the forefront of the thin-and-light market .. The LifeBook S-Series' superior flexibility and extended battery life earn this notebook a spot at the top of the list."

CNET / "Fujitsu LifeBook S-Series" - September 2001

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