How do open or 'fix' programs that refuse to load?


How do open or 'fix' programs that refuse to load?

The symptons are, when newly installed or downloaded programs are accessed the mouse curse changes to egg timer then stops as if program was not accessed. These programs include msn messanger nero burn and others, i have tried re-installing this does not have an affect so i know it is something to do with my computer and not the programs themselves. Secondly i have tried scanning for viruses this came to no ovail as no viruses were found.

However recently i was away for a while and my younger siblings had let loose on the computer, kazaa was a favourite of theirs after deleting all the junk and crap they had downloaded i found the system still slow and sluggish i found two viruses which when i had deleted seemed to have been the cause.

So either i have changed some kind of programing instrument within the comp and now they wont work or the damage of the viruses is still present.

The irony to my whole problem is, i beleivbe i could simply format the computer and work this way however, my cd copying is not working as nero is not functioning! so i would loose alot of work i have stored on my computerm, which is not a very good option. So computer geniuos' any ssistance or advice would be a very very nice christmas presant.

Thanks for your time Ciaran


This question was answered on December 19, 2003. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

This is caused by a random bug in the e-on installer If you get this message, quit the installer and restart installation to the same location on your HD, only this time selecting Custom install Deselect all components from the list of components to be installed, and complete the installation.

Alternatively, you could download the fix here, run it and enter your Serial Number when prompted Pressing OK will complete installation, although shortcuts in the Start Menu won't be created that way (which is why the first method should be preferred)

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on December 19, 2003