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Learn how you can snatch Error Messages!


Is it possible to capture Error Messages so that I can research them?


This question was answered on January 9, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

You can in fact capture or copy error messages so that later you may rattle it off to your geeky friend or look it up on google Many computer problems involve error messages, and it's essential to record the precise wording of these messages

Follow the steps below to copy error messages in Windows 2000 & XP:

1 Press Ctrl-C to copy most error messages to the ClipboardLaunch Notepad

2 Paste the copied message and save it

You can also take a screenshot of the error message if Ctrl-C doesn't work.

Follow the steps below to screenshot the error messages in Windows 98 & Me:

1 Click on Alt-PrintScreen, which copies the screen image to the Clipboard

2 Open the Paint program or Word and paste the image into a blank file

You now have a picture of the error message When copying or reporting an error message, you can omit the interminable lists of numbers found at the end of some message boxes.

Note: When Ctrl-C or Alt-PrintScreen doesn't work then you can type the exact text of the message into Notepad for reference

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Posted by Michal of Data Doctors on January 9, 2004