I receivE an error mesage and then it shuts off my internet connection.


I am receiving an error mesage and then it shuts off my internet connection.


appname:iexplore.exe appver:6.0.2800.1106

modver:2003.1.31.1 offset:00005861

modnam ycomp5,5,1,1,0.dll

then it has a address:


What is this? The box will have a send error report or a Don't send error report....

Also, When im on a web site and click on like a contact us it will open my dialup connection

however I am running a DSL and I it doesn't have an option for that. How do I set my

DSL for the default connection for that?

Thank you Andrew

I allways listen to your show on saturday


This question was answered on May 17, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

That's the MS Blaster worm in action It used the useless open service RPC to install itself and do its dirty deeds You will have to take several steps to fix it.

1 Go to Symantec and download-and-run the latest version of FixBlast, a free stand-alone tool to remove this worm.

2.Go to the Gibson Research website Download-and-run the program Shoot the Messenger There are other tools there, also.

Note: both these tools will fit on one floppy, so you can download them at a friend's house or computer store.

3 Make sure that all your patches are up-to-date.

4 Come back here and do a search on "Blaster" for more details.

5 You will likely also have to delete your System Restore files, as those have probably also been infected

Anoter suggestion

It looks like your infected with virus called, blaster worm

or its other variant You can eliminate it by going to windows site and look for patch.You can remove this worm by going to Symantec or other virus software site and look for blaster worm removal tools If by chance your using windows XP activate your firewall

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Posted by Ludens of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on May 17, 2004