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I on broadband and my connection is by ethernet .this was working fine until a few weeks ago now i can't get onto the internet using my desktop computer but I'm able to use my laptop .

I've been in touch with engineers to rehook me up but all as failed .Ive imputed Ipconfig/all, this keeps giving me the wrong address the eenginee ris trying to download to my computer .I've to ping but this as failed .I've typed ipconfig/renew and message comes back"AN ERROR OCCURRED WHILE RENEWING INTERFACE LOCAL CONNECTION 7 :AN OPPERATIONWAS ATTEMPTED ON SOMTHING THAT IS NOT A SOCKET" i've closed down all open programms and been incontrol panel i've done nearly everything that the engineer said and informed me that the problem must lie with the computer or with windows xp pro. Could you please help thankyou


i'm using my laptop on the internet at the momment with no problems




This question was answered on February 2, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

It seems like your NIC card is not working or your cable Try the following:

1 Go into the command prompt and type "ipconfig/all" if you do not see any ip addresses, this means your NIC or cable is not connected Make sure the NIC is properly seated and the cable is connected

2 If you you see ip addresses when you use the "IPconfig/all" command, then use "ping" this command will check to see if you is connected to the server.

3 If you do have IP addresses and cannot ping, then use" IPconfig/release" and then use "ipconfig/renew" this will disconnect and reconnect you from the DHCP server and reassign IP addresses.

4 Try to see if you can be connected to

Good luck!

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on February 2, 2004