How do I get my wireless to work my Cox Highspeed?


I have an older Laptop that used Windows 95 for an OS. The clock speed is 166 MHz. I decided to add it to my wireless network so I could use the internet...Cox Highspeed. The PCMCIA wireless card I purchased does not work with Windows 95, so I decided to upgrade the OS to Windows XP. I inserted the CD for XP and started the process. A dialog box appeared about 3 minutes into the process that said the installer detected only 48 meg of RAM and XP requires 64 Meg. OK, I'll go get more RAM.

My problem is now the computer will not boot at all. After the memory check and drivers load, the error message comes up that says to install the correct system disk and press any key. Well, now don't beat me, I didn't make a boot disk before I started this mess. Now, if I purchase more RAM that makes the computer compatible with XP, I can't install XP because I can't boot my computer to I can start the installer.

Have any suggestions other than dump the laptop and get a new one??

I have Windows 95 full install version as well Windows XP full install version. But they are on CD ROM and I can't use them unless I can boot the computer first.


This question was answered on March 1, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

I recommend getting either windows 98 or win2000, if you dont want to spend the whole price for the full installer then install win95 and upgrade to either win98 or win2000 The reason that XP does not start is that there is not enough spped for the computer to boot up XP requires at least 266mghz of cpu speed and about 96mb but 128mb is recommended So i can see where the error would have occured So if you want to purchase another windows operatig system that would help in fixing your problem Like i said if you want to save like 50% o the money and purchase a upgrade version of the OS and upgrade from win95 to win98 The PMCIA should work with win98 Enjoy! I hope it works.

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on March 1, 2004