Why does the computer sometimes not recognize the CD-RW drive or the DVD drive?


My problem is with my DVD-Rom and CD-RW drives.

Every now and then, upon start up, the DVD-Rom and CD-RW drives don't seem to be detected by the computer. I can open and close my DVD-Rom drive, but this is all (i.e. the PC won't even try to read CDs in the drive, and there is no sign of life from the CD-RW drive whatsoever).

This only happens sometimes - about one third of the time the two drives will respond perfectly and without a problem (normally after I have left the computer alone for some time), but once they stop responding amount of restarting will cause them to start responding again.

What should I do to solve this problem?


This question was answered on March 10, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

1 Check the following configuration: Check to see whether another device is using the same port settings or IRQ number

2.Check the following connections: Is the power cable attached to the CD-ROM? Is the data cable attached to the CD-ROM and to the controller? Is the stripe on the data cable correctly aligned to Pin 1? (Look for an arrow or small 1 printed on the drive For a best guess, Pin 1 is usually next to the power connector) For IDE drives is the correct master/slave jumper set? For example, if both the hard drive and the CD-ROM drive are hooked up to the same ribbon cable, one must be designated as master and the other as slave For IDE drives, check that the IDE connection is not disabled in CMOS setup For SCSI drives, check that the proper ID is set and the device is terminated if it's on the end of thr SCSI chain Suspect a boot virus Run a current version of an antivirus program

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on March 10, 2004