Why won't my computer accept Windows 2000 pro or XP?


the problem started at a day suddenly my computer restarted .then it kept happening and it was dangerous coz nothing was being saved....it was like someone is switching it off ...(no connection to net) then some one told it is o/s problem (windows xp) and i formatted the disk and installed windows 98 ...the problem was SOLVED ok...But then when ever i am trying to install xp back ,the system is restarting abrubtly and same is happening with windows 2000 professional....a notable point is that it happens at a particular stage of installation ...and mind u its not the process of restarting which normally happens during installation...this is like at some particular stage an invisible creature presses the reset switch......THERES NO SUCH PROBLEM WITH WINDOWS 98 ///OR EVEN WITH DOS ...ITS ONLY WITH XP OR WIN 2000 PROFESSIONAL...


This question was answered on March 18, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Windows 98 only requires 24MB of RAM with 195MB of free hard drive space in order to function.

Windows 2000 Pro & XP require at least 64MB of RAM with a minimum 2GB hard drive space and at least 1.5GB free space.

If when installing Windows 2000 Pro or XP, you did not upgrade you RAM requirements and

allocated the necessary hard drive space to accommodate the Os, then your computer will shut off.

Upgrade the amount of memory you have and reallocate the necessary hard drive space and you should have no problem installing Windows 2000Pro or XP

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on March 18, 2004