How to regain your Windows Taskbar?


I've lost my Windows Taskbar how do I get it back? I need help fast.




This question was answered on March 21, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Hello Renee,

Here are the steps so you could regain your windows taskbar.

This is caused by either the Taskbar being on Auto hide or the computer user accidentally hiding the taskbar by dragging it down too far

Verify Auto hide is not activated by following the below steps

1.Press CTRL ESC or your Windows key to make Start menu appear

2.Click Settings and choose Taskbar & Start menu

3.Verify that Auto Hide is not checked

If Auto Hide is not enabled move the task bar up by following the below steps.

1.Press CTRL ESC or your Windows key to make Start menu appear

2.Try to notice where the Start menu appeared generally it should be the bottom left corner

3.Click somewhere other then the Start menu to make the menu disappear You should now notice a small gray line at the location of where the start was

4.Move the mouse over that gray line, when in the appropriate position your mouse cursor should change Once the mouse cursor changes click and hold the mouse button and move the bar up

If after following the above two recommendations you are still unable to get the task bar to be displayed reboot the computer and load the computer into safe mode Once in safe mode reboot the computer once again and the task bar should be restored

It is common for users to mistakenly move their taskbar to the left, top, or right side of the screen while working on their computer If you wish to return the taskbar to the default position (the bottom of the screen) follow the below steps

How to move the taskbar:

Moving the taskbar is simple once you understand the basic steps involved To move the taskbar move your mouse cursor to where the time is currently displayed on the taskbar Once your mouse cursor is over the time click and hold the mouse button down, while holding the mouse button down move your cursor to the middle edge of where you want the taskbar to be For example if you wish to return the taskbar back to its original position move the cursor to the bottom center of the screen When the taskbar has moved to its new location release the button

I Hope these steps help.

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on March 21, 2004