Which internet provider to pick?


I am wondering who you would suggest that I choose for internet connectivity in Phoenix.

I own a home health care agency in Phoenix and we use a home health software program in which to enter patient and customer data. In the evenings I have a person available 24 hours to field calls, trouble shoot, dispatch employees etc. Currently, they can accesses our database from home on a desktop via PC anywhere through a dial up with AOL. Lately my employee says the AOL connection is too slow and it takes too long to update the screen.

At our office we have a T1 line, so when I upgrade, I will have them come in via the internet rather than the modem.

All that being said, who would you go with in Phoenix to give you the faster connections. I currently have Cox and have been happy with the service but I am not sure if I need to pay the $40/month for that much speed. What would be the next step down? Quest, others??




This question was answered on May 18, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Cox Cable Co is actually a very reputable internet provider down in phoenix I am at a disadvantage by living in new york city and not being able to determine which provider is best by actually being there What I can tell you from the extremely strenuous research that I've done is that finding an internet provider that will allow you to go online at such speeds at 1,500 - 3,000 Kbps for $40.00 or less will be difficult to come by Unfortunately, there are also a limited number of internet providers down in Phonenix One that you mentioned is actually a very good candidate for being another provider You can look into that company by visiting www.qwest.com Going back to what you were saying about, "If you needed that much speed" For $40.00 1500-3000 Kbps is a sufficient amount of speed If you do decide to step down a little, one option you have is high speed internet Which is basically a tricked out version of a dial-up connection but not really that useful In my opinion, it's your best bet to stay with the company that you are currently with.

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Posted by Sarwer of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on May 18, 2004