How do I correct this error message avsybngr after installing Mcafee virus protection software using Windows Me?


I recently install a new verison of McAfee virus protection software and uninstalled the old verison. I also used the registry program to make sure I deleted all of the old McAfee program.

Now, evertime I boot-up I get the following message.

" Avsybngr has caused an error in <unkown>. Avsynmgr will now close.

Norm Slone ([email protected])


This question was answered on June 11, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

There's been a lot of discussion here about this error message

The exact error message is this:

SpamKiller is unable to communicate with its server The server application must be started before you can access SpamKiller

Please restart your computer or start the server manually

A couple of observations:

1) Make sure that the McAfee SpamKiller service is set to automatic This should be default

Start > Run > services.msc

Locate McAfee SpamKiller Server

Double click on it

Make sure the startup type is 'automatic' If it isn't, change it and reboot

Does it load after a reboot?

If not,

2) Try to manually start the SpamKiller Server service

Start > Run > services.msc

Locate McAfee SpamKiller Server

Double click on it

Click the 'Start' button to load the SpamKiller server

Close the window and launch the SpamKiller client Does it connect and get your mail?

If your computer won't start the service at startup, at least you can manually start it now as a workaround Another way to start the SpamKiller service on Windows 2000/XP machines is this:

Start > Run > cmd

net start mskservice

That will start the SpamKiller service Because of this, it's possible to make a batch file that will load the SpamKiller service for you Again, this is just a workaround, but may help

Make a file called 'SpamKiller.bat'

Right click on the file and choose edit

The file is just one line

net start mskservice

Save it

It needs to go in your startup directory Start > Programs > Startup (Typically C:\Documents and Settings\Your_username\Start Menu\Programs\Startup)

The next time that you reboot, does SpamKiller work?

3) Look in the application logs to see WHY the SpamKiller server service didn't start

Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer > Application Log

Look for any errors by the name MSKService Those are the SpamKiller server service entries

Paste in your error here The only one that I've seen so far was a "cannot allocate socket" error that occurred because of some Internet filtering software that was installed Removing that application allowed SpamKiller to be able to load normally as a service using the default settings It was the 3rd party application that was blocking the SpamKiller server from starting up, only at startup After everything was loaded, then the server could be started manually using step #2 above.

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Posted by Raymond of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on June 11, 2004